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GoldenSource Talks

Future of EDM Utilities

Data utilities are a hot and divisive topic, with adoption levels at only 1% of the industry, according to a recent FIMA report.

Why haven't they been adopted? What would make them more appealing to financial services firms?

Hear from Prashant Kumar, SVP Business Development for GoldenSource, what might make the difference.

Regulatory Data Management

Since the financial crisis, we've seen a growth in regulatory compliance and reporting for both the buy and the sell side. The data management response to regulation is often to break it up into teams that drill back from the actual requirement into the implications on their operation, but because these teams are distinct, it tends to lead to siloed solutions.

Hear from Neill Vanlint, MD Global Head of Sales and Client Operations at GoldenSource on how to avoid digging up the same regulatory road up multiple times on the route to regulatory compliance.

Data Management Across all Domains

The lack of data management integration between risk and finance has caused market data discrepancies that not only require significant reconciliation efforts, but also create difficulties in cross reporting.

Hear from Tom Stock, SVP Product Management at GoldenSource, how more and more firms are looking towards rationalizing their data management systems and processes to harmonise data used across multiple domains and to avoid having to bring in that data and validate it multiple times.

Multiple Data Feeds for Regulatory & Business Needs

In order to have the right data, any capital firm will need data feeds from multiple vendors. According to a recent FIMA report 28% of capital markets businesses expect the number and complexity of new data feeds to challenge the scalability and flexibility of their systems within the next 2 years.

Hear from Stuart Smith, VP Client Operations EMEA & APAC at GoldenSource, who discusses the key to managing the end to end data processes that support the main drivers of data growth identified in the FIMA report, namely complying with regulations (35%) and taking on new areas of business (27%).

Driving the Maturity of EDM

Driving the Maturity of Enterprise Data Management Over the last few years, many capital markets firms have matured to an enterprise-wide data management approach. In 2016, for the first time, a majority of capital market firms, 54%, said they have such an approach in place, according to a recent FIMA report.

Hear from John H. Eley, CEO at GoldenSource, what's driving this maturity and what the next level of evolution might be.

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