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EDM and MDM Solutions

Providing leading EDM and MDM solutions to financial institutions is GoldenSource’s core business. Our solutions are deployed worldwide and enable leading banks, investment managers and service providers to unlock the value of their data and remain competitive.

Our philosophy and approach to data management are driven by our vision of the central role of trusted data across the enterprise. We firmly believe that firms that manage data as a strategic asset, rather than as an operational necessity, are able to transform their business processes and achieve their corporate objectives.

At the heart of each of our solutions is the world’s leading financial data model, which provides a flexible and extendible platform to support and facilitate your business growth. We address our clients’ tactical business priorities in a strategic manner, ensuring their rapid ROI and lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

We are the largest team of EDM professionals world-wide and have been successfully delivering data management solutions to the financial services industry for longer than any other firm.

Find out how GoldenSource can help your business. View our solutions:

Did you know?

GoldenSource is a founding member of the EDM Council that addresses the business strategies and practical implementation realities of Enterprise Data Management (EDM). The Council provides a wealth of practical information to its members.

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