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For the Sell Side

GoldenSource is the leading Enterprise Data Management (EDM) and Master Data Management (MDM) provider to the Sell Side. We have been delivering proven data management solutions to several of the world’s leading investment banks and broker dealers for over 25 years.

We understand that the new reality of highly volatile market conditions requires firms to have a better understanding of their business, risks, and operational efficiency to effectively compete and navigate today’s risk and regulatory environment. The scalability and coverage of the GoldenSource EDM platform allows you to do just that. As the leading independent provider of data management solutions to the financial services industry, our award-winning platform is considered the "yardstick" for data management solutions.

Clients find GoldenSource's unique advantages to include our industry leading 360 EDM data model which enables them to strategically manage all of their important data sets, our integrated business-focused data warehouse and dashboards, our architecture that scales up or down to meet their business demands, and our commitment to EDM thought leadership as one of the original founders of the EDM Council.

Our clients require trusted and highly available data as the foundation for achieving operational efficiency, managing enterprise risk, optimizing client relationships, improving profitability, and meeting regulatory requirements

GoldenSource 360 EDM empowers Sell Side firms to:

  • Reduce data sourcing costs by automatically integrating third-party data
  • Eliminate much of the downstream need for validation and exception management, saving time and administrative cost
  • Reduce the incidence of failed trades
  • Protect the business against reputational and regulatory risk
  • Identify cross- and up-selling opportunities more quickly and accurately
  • Increase market share by moving into new markets, regions or product categories while re-using the same EDM reference data architecture
  • Build an accurate picture of risk and opportunity across the enterprise
  • Integrate data from acquisitions without the need to change operational systems and processes - thereby driving value from the acquisition as early and cost-effectively as possible
  • Deliver superior client service
  • Support product innovation
  • Achieve regulatory compliance