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GoldenSource Entity Master


Reduce risk and achieve competitive advantage – adopt a centralized approach to the way you manage your entity data

The difficulty firms have understanding their exposure to their counterparties was one of the most serious problems highlighted during the financial crisis. The response was the development of stringent regulations such as Dodd Frank and EMIR, aimed at reducing counterparty risk, as well as the creation of the Legal Entity Identifier (LEI) to enable clear and unique identification of parties participating in global financial markets.

However, several years after the financial crisis and in spite of these regulatory developments, counterparty reporting and entity data quality continue to be major concerns.

The challenge is that entity-to-entity relationships are complex: corporate entities can be Issuers of securities, trading counterparties and also institutional customers. How can a firm get a clear overview of its client relationships when they are stored in such a fragmented way?

The answer is simple – firms need to link entity data together into a single, centralized entity master.

The GoldenSource Entity Master is the only Master Data Management (MDM) platform to manage instrument, counterparty and issuer data on a single platform. By linking a single entity to its various roles and identifiers, the solution promotes efficiency and accuracy by allowing financial institutions to better understand the relationships between their customers and counterparties.

Our solid entity master accessed via the LEI is the foundation for understanding exposure to specific entities, including improved visibility and more rigorous risk management practices.

This unified approach to entity management facilitates data standardization and cross-referencing, resulting in improved data quality, reduced redundancy and increased auditability.

Key features and benefits:

GoldenSource Entity Master

  • A quick and efficient process to link together related customers, counterparties and issuers in a clean, corporate hierarchy.
  • A single, consolidated and complete view of each client, its various roles and relationships, and all related data across front, middle and back office operations.
  • Ability to streamline your operations and interaction between multiple departments across the business.
  • Facilitated compliance with existing and evolving regulations at client take-on and ongoing due diligence stages (KYC, AML, FATCA, Dodd Frank, MiFID II etc.).
  • Cost savings, greater operational efficiency, reduced risk and better data quality.
  • Opportunity to increase revenue generation through up-selling and cross-selling opportunities.
  • Data visualization, reporting and analysis: end-user inquiry and analysis made easy with real-time dashboards and reports.
  • Data vendor Connections for plug-and-play content sourcing to facilitate automated loading and matching of Entity data.

How can you achieve this with GoldenSource? With GoldenSource Customers & Counterparties.

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