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SEC Rule 22e-4 – Funding Liquidity

The SEC Rule 22e-4 funding liquidity regime requires deeper insights into the speed and value at which firms can exit positions

Take SEC Rule 22e4 N-PORT & N-CEN reporting in your stride

Have the right data in the right place to report securities data points and liquidity metrics.

Step up to SEC Rule 22e-4 with a data hub approach that not only gathers and manages the N-PORT and N-CEN data but also lays the foundation for centralized data management across the firm.

Allow your technical and operational teams to head for December 1st 2018 with confidence in your liquidity measurement, management and reporting capability.

  • Classify portfolio positions in the right asset classes and liquidity buckets (highly liquid, moderately liquid, less liquid, illiquid)
  • Calculate and determine market depth using internal and external market data, supported by GoldenSource Connections
  • Store, aggregate and analyze all SEC Rule 22e-4 data sets in a governed and auditable environment that supports your stated liquidity risk management program

Keep a line of sight from source to report with all SEC Rule 22e-4 data and processes

Select GoldenSource for confident and compliant SEC Rule 22e-4 decision making and reporting. GoldenSource not only supports the insights and what-if analysis for position and fund liquidity measurement and management, plus N_PORT and N_CEN reporting, we also ensure the right data is always available for all processes.

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