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For Service Providers

GoldenSource enables providers of securities services – such as custodian banks, fund administrators, data providers, exchanges, clearinghouses, and more – to deliver to their clients an Enterprise Class Managed Data Service. The GoldenSource EDM suite enables Service Providers to provide a better quality of service to their customers through the efficient and economic delivery of trusted, quality assured data that is ready to use.

Service Providers can use GoldenSource to solidify client relationships and generate new revenues through enhanced capabilities including:

  • Independent price validation (IPV)
  • Golden copy corporate actions reference data
  • Entity hierarchy and Legal Entity (LEI) data mapping
  • Risk data aggregation capabilities
    • Regulatory and compliance services (Basel/CVA, Solvency II, FATCA, Transfer Taxes, and more)
  • KYC/Customer onboarding Services

GoldenSource EDM is unique in its ability to enable service providers to rapidly create and deploy new services for rapid ROI and revenue generation. Additionally, GoldenSource EDM can streamline internal operations to improve operating margin.

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