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GoldenSource for IBOR

Accurate portfolio and fund valuations driven from high quality position data is critical for effective asset management. Capturing, aggregating, and delivering complete, accurate, and timely position data into the portfolio management process is increasingly challenging, especially where positions are fed from a mix of internal systems, or from multiple custodians, administrators, and service providers.

Growing Front Office and Management demands for intra-day information, allied to inherent concerns around the timeliness, quality and consistency of data, place additional pressures upon systems, knowledge, resources and costs. Further, an end of day position snapshot is no longer enough. Managers are vocal in their demand for details of free or investable cash, including all corporate actions and transactions.

Firms are now focused on obtaining an Investment Book of Record (IBOR), a consolidated source of start of day and intraday positions, delivering real-time transparency to enhance investment decisions, improve operational efficiency, and ensure that your service providers accurately reflect your positions.

Lack of a consolidated, real-time Investment Book of Record directly impacts fund performance, operational expense, customer satisfaction, and risk.

GoldenSource is uniquely positioned to deliver IBOR, putting together the pieces of the IBOR puzzle in single proven product solution that provides:

  1. Real-time event driven position engine and associated data repository
  2. Event capture and generation engine
  3. Historical repository structured for straightforward reporting and analysis.

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