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Gain Control – Measure, Manage and Optimize Your Data Use

Market drivers

The essential market and reference data you use is expensive to buy and consumption is difficult to control. This is particularly evident with the growing number of interactive request / reply vendor data-feeds used to supply mid and back office users and systems. Entitlement and monitoring tools that are common in front office market data systems have typically not been replicated in mid and back office systems, making it difficult to control access to these data-feeds and to monitor and report on usage. This in turn can lead to problems with reconciliation of vendor invoices, and make it difficult to effectively recharge the business for consumption. Furthermore, if requests are complex or originate from multiple points, you may not be making the most efficient use of these valuable resources.

At a Glance

The GoldenSource ActiveGateway allows you to better manage your interactive vendor data-feeds:

  • Capture usage metrics – logging and reporting of usage by consumer
  • Achieve efficiency improvements – consolidation of requests, integration with bulk feeds, efficiency algorithms providing opportunities for automated cost reduction
  • Demand control – Entitlement management for consumers (users, applications, and systems)

What it means to your organization:

GoldenSource ActiveGateway can be rapidly deployed to provide an early and ongoing return on investment. These are just a few of the benefits that ActiveGateway can typically provide:

  • Per consumer reporting on usage can be used as intelligence to iteratively refine demand controls and support reconciliation of vendor billing
  • Provide effective recharge of fees to the business based on actual consumption
  • Achieve vendor compliance, and have the audit trial to support this, minimizing the need for a costly physical vendor audit
  • Effectively manage user consumption by utilizing the customer configurable entitlements function
  • Achieve ongoing efficiencies through automated cost controls
  • Monthly reporting on efficiency savings – demonstrating the ongoing ROI
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Download this file (ActiveGateway.Overview.pdf)ActiveGateway Overview  -  131 kB

Achieve ongoing efficiencies with GoldenSource ActiveGateway

  • Source data from vendor bulk feeds where available
  • Minimize unnecessary duplicate requests for the same data
  • Use intelligent algorithms to better manage the data requests
  • Maximize efficiency of requests sent to the vendor
  • Adopt best practices and optimizations offered by the vendor