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Only GoldenSource provides "Connections," the industry benchmark for vendor feed management services.

A GoldenSource Connection is a preconfigured adaptor that loads data from a data vendor into GoldenSource's market-leading EDM applications GoldenSource Securities & Products or Customers & Counterparties. Our Connections are ready to receive and process your vendor feeds immediately upon installation, no mapping required. Furthermore, GoldenSource updates Connections when vendors change their feeds, so clients do not have to. Using GoldenSource Connections to acquire and validate business-critical product and customer data speeds up integration, reduces project risk and reduces implementation timeframes.

Specifically, GoldenSource Connections:

  1. Handle all aspects of technical integration and connectivity to data vendor products, including real-time request and reply services as well as scheduled batch delivery.
  2. Handle all data integration with preconfigured mappings to the normalized GoldenSource Data Model. This makes it easy to move to a single representation or 'golden copy' of the trusted data, especially where multiple sources need to be integrated and compared before the data can be delivered to the business.
  3. Offer a proactive support model ensuring interfaces are kept current with vendor products. Any changes to formats and delivery methods will be supported by GoldenSource. This will allow you to outsource the expensive knowledgebase requirements for both technical and data integration to a specialist third party.

Key Differentiators

Time to Market
A GoldenSource Connection is a fully preconfigured software product, and can be installed within days, automatically loading data from a supported data vendor into GoldenSource Securities & Products or Customers & Counterparties, and delivering validated data to your business. To build similar functionality using generic data integration tools will take many months. The business analysis alone required to map a single source of data to a business application is estimated to take up to 5-7 man years.

Total Cost of Ownership
Rapid deployment and quick ROI are a first phase benefit. In addition, the ongoing maintenance supplied by GoldenSource for technical and metadata changes means the expense of developing and maintaining the necessary knowledge can be outsourced. GoldenSource has built a team of reference data experts that is unparalleled in the industry, and cost-effective access to these specialists is what our existing Connections customer value most.

Future Proof your Data Needs
GoldenSource Connections allows you to develop new products and business lines without the restraints of data integration. GoldenSource proactively expands its suite of Connections in response to customer demand, allowing our customers to tap into the value of a centralised and specialised reference data knowledge center.

Connections maximize the value of your EDM investment
GoldenSource Connections allow easy visibility into data quality, across multiple vendors if required. By shortening the time needed to create a validated golden copy from standard sources, implementations can focus on distributing the golden copy to downstream applications, where the business value of high-quality data is realised.

GoldenSource Connections

  • ANNA Service Bureau - ASB ISIN Masterfile
  • Bloomberg
    • BackOffice
    • BackOffice Extended
    • Bloomberg Per Security
    • Credit Risk Module
  • CUSIP Global Services - CUSIP Master File
  • eMBS - Pool DB
  • Fidelity ActionsXchange
  • Fitch Enhanced Ratings Delivery Service
  • Interactive Data Corporation
    • Pricing and Reference Data (via FTS)
    • ISO 15022
  • Markit Group
    • Markit RED
    • Markit CDS
    • Markit Loans - LCDS Pricing
    • Portfolio Valuations
  • Moody's Ratings Delivery Service
  • MSCI/S&P GICS Direct
    • Fixed Income Benchmarks
  • SIX Telekurs Valordata Feed (VDF)
  • Standard & Poor's
    • RatingsXpress
    • Cross Referencing Services - ISIDPlus and Security to Entity CrossWalk
  • SuperDerivatives SD-Reval
  • Swaps Monitor Financial Calendar
  • SWIFT MT564/MT568
  • Thomson Reuters
    • DataScope Select
    • DataScope Equity
    • DataScope Fixed Income