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GoldenSource Insight – Visualize Your Data

  • GoldenSource DataWarehouse

    At a Glance

    GoldenSource Insight is an intuitive, graphical dashboard and data visualization solution that empowers business and operational staff to make more informed, proactive decisions based on trusted data from GoldenSource EDM.

    Make Sense of Rising Data Volumes

    The current regulatory landscape means that institutions have to be more accountable for their data: regulations such as Solvency II, Basel III and FATCA have brought data management issues to the top of the agenda not just for the IT department but also for operations and the Boardroom. With data volumes and the need for transparency on the rise, each institution needs a 360 degree view of their data across the organization.

Observe, Analyze, and Take Action

GoldenSource Insight brings critical information about exposure, data quality, and data operations straight to business people in the front office or operations, and via mobile devices such as the iPad, straight to the boardroom conference table. Real-time dashboards and reports tell the story from a business perspective, providing the ability to make at-a-glance observations, to analyze information by slicing and dicing it on multiple dimensions, and to take action with a drill-through to the GoldenSource EDM suite. Some practical examples of how GoldenSource Insight can be used include:

  • Exposure Analysis - provides business and operational users with a real-time view of their risk and exposure, with the ability to respond quickly to market events.
  • Exception Management - allows operations staff to quickly assess where they need to act in order to ensure they meet their service level agreements to their clients, improving operational efficiency and customer service levels.
  • Data Quality and Governance - provides managers, Data Stewards, and Chief Data Officers with analysis tools and consolidated views of data quality, coverage, and completeness.

Please contact us to learn more about our data visualization capabilities.

Securities & Products

A global security master that creates, maintains and publishes a standardized reference data repository for all financial instruments.

Positions & Transactions

An integrated enterprise operational data store delivering accurate, consistent and reliable real-time positions data.

Customer Master

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