Michael Fairweather

Senior Vice President Finance, HR & Operations

Numbers tell a story. The health of GoldenSource depends on a keen understanding of our financial structure, our talent and seamless operations for our stability. Michael brings that to the table.


Michael joined GoldenSource in 2015 and brings to the firm valuable experience and extensive knowledge of finance and operations management.

Michael Fairweather is Senior Vice President of Finance, HR and operations. In his role, Michael is responsible for leading global finance and accounting functions, overseeing HR and GoldenSource’s operations.


Prior to GoldenSource, Michael was Chief Executive Officer for Intelligent Markets, an order and trade management software and services company that was spun off to SunGard Financial Systems.

Prior to Intelligent Markets, Michael was Partner and Chief Financial Officer of eBond Advisors, a well-established financial products innovation company.

Michael started his career as a consultant and auditor at Arthur Andersen working in their derivative and treasury risk management and hedge fund advisory groups.

Michael is a Certified Public Accountant and has a BA in Finance and Accounting from Syracuse University.


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