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Good data drives good decisions

We understand the value of a good decision…and the cost of a bad one. GoldenSource has been delivering the gold standard of enterprise data management to the financial industry longer than any other firm.  To our clients, data is more than an operational necessity – it is a strategic asset. We see to it that you get accurate, consistent, usable data to make smarter decisions that support your business growth and regulatory compliance. 

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How GoldenSource Enterprise Data Management Works

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Data Management for Investment Managers

GoldenSource EDM for Asset-Management Industry

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Data Management for Bankers & Brokers

GoldenSource EDM for Banking-Industry

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Data Management for Capital Market Service Providers

GoldenSource EDM for Financial-Services-Industry

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Enterprise Data Management (EDM Solutions) as a Strategic Business Asset

For financial firms in particular, scrutiny is high. The consequences of decision-making and regulatory reporting based on poor quality data are severe.

Businesses must have accurate, consistent, transparent data. GoldenSource solutions are used by the industry because they centralize and govern the deluge of capital markets information required every minute. Validated, enriched and properly curated reference data, delivered promptly to integrated downstream systems, has become a huge asset to our clients in their business growth and data governance.

GoldenSource Enterprise Data Management surmounts the challenges facing the industry today:

  • Exploding volumes of data
  • Regulatory obligations
  • Complex demands of data-driven business models
  • Fragmented legacy IT systems
  • Cost/profitability drivers towards digitization and automation

Our EDM solutions give companies a clear understanding of the relationships between legal entities, issuers, counterparties, customers, securities, products and transactions – and many, many more. We deliver the gold standard of data to our clients around the world.

GoldenSource is one of the founders of the EDM Council, proactively working towards a standardized system for data governance for our industry.

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