About GoldenSource

About the Company

GoldenSource began as a spinoff of US Trust nearly 3 decades ago. The engineering team understood the process for asset management must be rebuilt for business efficiency and greater accuracy. They created the system to do it which became the foundation for GoldenSource. They even coined the term “EDM”.

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Our company: Who we are today

We have delivered the gold standard of data longer than any other firm. Engineered strictly for the global financial market, our product has evolved into the powerhouse it is today.

The goal of our company’s development team is to incorporate new technologies and evolve our systems to be nimble, ready and remain rock solid.

Our leadership team understands the demands of the global financial markets. Our company is financially stable and prepared for the future.

Our Team

We are geeks—and proud of it. Not only do we understand technology, we understand how it impacts business, particularly the nuances of global finance.

We work in an environment of collaboration and problem-solving and are driven to make our clients successful. Our tightly knit team works closely with clients from the first phone call through the life of our product. We literally stand by our clients side through the entire implementation process.

Our team are perfectionists in execution and fanatically supportive. We know how much is at stake.

Supporting EDM

GoldenSource Corporation is one of the founding sponsors of the EDM Council, a not-for-profit senior officer forum. Its purpose is to share information on the business strategies and practical realities of implementing effective solutions to manage data across the enterprise. We continue to support the organization today.

Delivering Intelligence

To our clients, data is a strategic asset, not just an operational necessity.

We see to it that you get the intelligence you need to make smarter, faster decisions that support your business growth.

We understand the value of a good decision—and the cost of a bad one.

Today, data has to be fast, accurate, complete and ready for the increasing scrutiny of regulators. We know you need to be ready and confident when faced with an audit. You will be.

Our global clients include:

Preparing our technology for the future

We dedicate 50% of our company’s activities to the research & development of our products. It is an investment that is returned directly to our customers in product enhancements, ensuring that the technology behind their data is always a step ahead of their needs.

Best Cloud Based Data Management Solution

Best Cloud Based Data Management Award

Best Risk Data Aggregation Provider Award



The yardstick for EDM solutions…no product can rival it for breadth and depth.
Financial-I Jury Report

Integrating the GoldenSource solution within local banking environments has confirmed its powerful functionalities and considerable flexibility, even in very complex and fast changing contexts.
Giusy Mainardi, Sales and Partner Manager at Corvallis

GoldenSource understands our business requirements and can provide the high-quality reference data management platform we require to enable us to deliver accurate, timely reference data across our organisation.
Business CIO, Nordea

The GoldenSource EDM platform is a leader in its class with some of the world's most sophisticated banks successfully deploying the solution.
Oleg Baranov, Managing Partner at Neoflex

Standard Chartered Bank has chosen to partner with GoldenSource because we feel its Securities & Products solution offers the best mix of functionality, architecture and domain expertise. This enables us to offer a superior quality of service and grow our business in a very competitive marketplace.
Global Product Head, Standard Chartered Securities Services

GoldenSource provides the optimum mix of out-of–the-box capability and configurability that is flexible yet structured. It gives ASX the ability to enhance its responsiveness to the marketplace.
Timothy Hogben, Group Executive Operations, Australian Securities Exchange

What differentiates GoldenSource is that it does not simply provide a toolkit. Rather, it offers a mature set of out-of-the-box solutions aligned to common capital markets functions.
Madan Sheina, Lead Analyst, Ovum

GoldenSource offers a robust, complete and flexible data model, flexible workflow and comprehensive validation and distribution capabilities, which allow us to manage, and importantly link our reference data on one platform.
Kevin Gage, Senior Managing Director, Mizuho