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A financial services cloud data model, seamless data pipelines, instant calculations and easy curation to manage your cloud data end-to-end

Get all the benefits of data at scale, leveraging infrastructure-as-a-service, and simply enjoy using the data. We’re here to help you make the most of your cloud data warehouse, data lake or lakehouse with services that create your intelligent data fabric and provide a way to centrally manage, monitor, and govern your data. Regardless of your cloud provider, we natively solve challenges related to sharing and using data within the firm and with external stakeholders.

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Enjoy all the benefits of cloud data services, without having to relearn data management

Cloud data platforms, like the one offered by Snowflake, are the latest paradigm in data storage philosophy and promise a number of benefits to aid analytics, processing and reporting. However, when it comes to structured financial data types, there are a number of limitations that impede the potential.

A challenge when taking data into a cloud data platform is that the source data schemas or formats either need to be replicated within the platform or mapped to a schema within the platform. Deciding which approach is most appropriate and putting it into practice is challenging for many IT and data teams. GoldenSource solves for this with our financial services cloud data model and cloud data services to create your data fabric, weave cloud technology and data together, and tailor it to your needs.

We complement your capabilities – data pipelines and beyond

GoldenSource is synonymous with the industry standard financial data model to mobilize data from all data vendors, data marketplaces and internal sources. So, don’t start from scratch to create a new business information model or data schemas when you license a cloud data warehouse. Let us take care of feeds, formats, symbologies, methodologies and governance, while you get the most from your data (including the full range of ESG data types). Our serviced data pipelines enable rapid ingestion at scale for:

  • Mastering
  • Enrichment and Data Quality
  • Cross Referencing
  • Validation
  • Conversion
  • Unstructured and Structured
  • Hybrids of any of the above

Our cloud data services deliver your capability to get data ‘easy in’ and ‘easy out’ in a consistent way. We provide instant access and analytics, plus on-the-fly calculations for all data used across your business, delivered by our business-as-usual (BAU) services for operational efficiency, resilience and governance.

You've licensed a cloud data warehouse. Now get the most from it with GoldenSource Cloud Data Services.

Let us take care of getting the data in and making it available for all your business needs. That’s our expertise.

We provide an open framework that serves all data warehouses and lakes, regardless of cloud provider. Our services ensure you can bring in vendor data, shared data from a cloud marketplace or the data cloud of an investment platform, and your own data. We also provide all the tools to plug in more functionality and data feeds, while we run the service in the background, ensuring the right data is always accessible to the right teams and systems.

For example, we ensure that you can effortlessly utilize data in four different states of refinement:

  • Raw Data – e.g. for analysts who want a vendor data feed as is for immediate analysis – onboarded rapidly, validated for essential quality, with no operational overheads
  • Structured Data – e.g. for client managers who want reporting data readily available in a flat data mart
  • Refined Data – e.g. for portfolio managers who want highly normalized, mastered data, perhaps matched with internal identifiers
  • Aggregated Data – e.g. for heads of business lines or CFOs who want rolled-up data for performance reporting

Cloud Data Services

cloud data services