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A data warehouse is an organized store of data from different sources that is analyzed, visualized and reported for purposes of business intelligence, decision support, and legal or regulatory compliance. The GoldenSource investment data warehouse solution addresses the problems investment managers face with change management and data quality, stewardship, and governance by handling all of your data consolidation and reporting needs in one seamlessly integrated solution. It solves the problem of siloed, fragmented data and ensures that gold-standard, quality investment and IBOR data is readily available to the right systems and people to increase operational efficiency, transparency, accuracy, and completeness.

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The investment data warehouse for asset management - now with real time IBOR

Our experience in providing solutions to the buy-side industry has taught us that while no two clients are exactly alike, they share common needs around their data. Across all domains – whether it’s reference, client and account, risk analytics and performance, positions & transactions, real time IBOR, or any other related domain data sets – there’s a need for clean, authoritative investment data that is logically interlinked and can be persisted over time. Needs around data ingestion, management, and distribution also evolve – and this is where the investment data warehouse solution can help.

This is a consolidated, centralized, temporal repository of your data servicing the whole of your enterprise, is front and back-end system agnostic, and can be fully integrated with each. It’s robust enough in its architecture, data governance workflows, and representational capabilities to provide your business, operational, and IT teams with tangible results with delivery speed and scale – and includes a real time IBOR, powered by MAIA, for intraday views of asset allocations and exposures.

Concentrate on your business – we’ll support your data warehouse.

It can be rightsized to fit any and all business’ volumes and use case complexity, while reducing the complexity to your technical infrastructure and allowing you to access and unlock the value of your data assets; all while growing with your business and data needs.

The investment data warehouse solution offers several distinct, tightly integrated but independently deployable modules organized by domain and asset class, all enhanced with out of the box operational workflows, complex entitlement capability, native and third-party data visualization support, and robust historical warehousing and reporting.

Systems that produce, manage, and store data are incidental; GoldenSource allows you to focus on your most important asset: your data.

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Your single data reporting repository.

The investment data warehouse is a data centric repository that can take in data from, and feed to, many disparate systems. We provide industry tested automated workflows out of the box, along with a library of industry standard rules for validation. If you want to further enrich your data, we can handle that too – scrubbing and normalization of your structured and unstructured data is activated with the flip of a switch.

New ways to interact with your data

The solution provides investment managers with new and unique ways to see and interact with your investment data, with dashboards to simplify, clarify, and quantify your data quality.

  • Deliver gold copy data sets to accounting and OMS, attribution, reporting and risk systems
  • Go well beyond standard whole-of-fund views by updating IBOR prices, transactions, and positions intra-day, allowing you to gain a real-time view of what your firm owns and where they own it.
  • Enjoy confidence in your regulatory and client reporting, analytics and performance attribution
  • Fund and Distribution Data Management for all of your Client, Account, and Product maintenance
  • Retain full control over workflows, rules, exception management, change approvals, task management, and alerts

GoldenSource investment data warehouse integrates with:

It is deployed as a managed and hosted service, freeing you from infrastructure costs, implementation headaches and integration concerns. Our proven cloud migration process typically completes within single digit weeks—not months. Our fanatical support team is by your side to configure the solution to your precise specifications.

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