Securities Master Module

Securities Master Module

The complete, accurate, and efficient Securities Master

A security is a financial asset, such as a share or a bond, that holds value and can be traded. With the volume of securities data steadily increasing, it is becoming more challenging for the global financial industry to process the mass of incoming data quickly, accurately, and consistently. Our proven Securities Master Module manages every aspect of securities transactions for transparency and readiness.

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Securities Master Module at a Glance

Our global securities master module covers all instruments and asset classes including equities, fixed income, structured products, funds and complex derivatives.

security master

security master

Unlike toolkit approaches specializing in moving and loading data from point to point, you can manage reference data centrally from a scalable hub with off-the-shelf functionality and tools.

GoldenSource Securities Master is a proven data management solution, which enables our clients to stay competitive by providing all of the features you would expect from a security master and lots more beside.

Automate management of full reference data lifecycle including:

  • Acquisition
  • Loading
  • Standardization
  • Validation
  • Enrichment
  • Distribution

Create and maintain deep relationships across subject matter areas including:

  • Issues
  • Issuers
  • Identifiers
  • Prices
  • Valuations
  • Cash flows
  • Corporate actions
  • Benchmarks
  • Indices
  • Credit ratings
  • Holidays
  • Terms and conditions

Features & Benefits of our Securities Master Module

ESG Enabled

With ESG and sustainability driving a great deal of research, reporting and investment analysis, straightforward and accurate matching of securities with ESG data or scores is becoming critical. GoldenSource Securities Master is ESG enabled, meaning it supports matching and mastering of ESG data.

Establish a Data Governance Framework with Auditable and Persisted Data

Automate data quality with exception-based data management using automated workflows and rules with an ability to trace and audit data provenance. Flexibly set access, notifications, and controls to manage the persisted data store such as four-eye and six-eye change approval processes by user and instrument type.

Deploy a Scalable Real-time Architecture

Avoid being constrained to batch processing for intraday activities. Have the ability to deliver trusted data at the right time to the right audience with real-time golden copy processing. Support growth by consolidating operations onto a flexible, single trusted EDM platform that scales to handle high volumes to meet diverse customer requirements.

Reduce Ongoing Effort and Save Time with GoldenSource Connections

The burden of maintaining interfaces is often identified as the great hidden cost to data management.

Make it easy to access and standardize content from multiple external sources with maintained, off-the-shelf connections to global financial data vendors such as Bloomberg, Thomson Reuters, Interactive Data, SIX Financial Information, and many more. With unmatched depth and service levels, standard connections to the independent GoldenSource Nexus platform maximize time-to-market and prevent degradation.

Extend and Customize with Ease

Start with the GoldenSource tested and proven data model to adapt with future changes and new instruments without the constraints encountered with ad-hoc or application-coupled data models. The GoldenSource Data Model is fully exposed and documented to extend and retrieve data easily.

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