Investment management solutions

Investment Management Solutions

Delivering Investment Management Solutions You Can Rely On

GoldenSource investment management solutions deliver accurate, complete, transparent data that allow investment managers to make better decisions. A rock solid data governance strategy is a must to meet regulatory and operational demands. Our software scrubs raw data from multiple sources and delivers a golden copy to our clients that they can rely on.

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Data solutions for investment management firms

Leading asset and wealth managers rely on GoldenSource to deliver consistent, complete and trusted information to power their business systems. GoldenSource also helps Asset management and insurance firms know their customers better, analyze investment opportunities faster, and manage risks more accurately.

GoldenSource EDM and MDM solutions, including the GoldenSource Nexus investment data warehouse, empower Buy Side firms to:

  • Accelerate time to market
  • Reduce data sourcing costs by automatically integrating third-party data
  • Eliminate much of downstream need for validation and exception management, saving time and administrative cost
  • Protect the business against reputational and regulatory risk
  • Identify cross- or up-selling opportunities more quickly and accurately
  • Facilitate successful mergers and acquisitions
  • Build an accurate picture of risk and opportunity across the enterprise
  • Deliver superior client service
  • Support product innovation
  • Achieve regulatory compliance

Delivering solutions for the investment management industry

GoldenSource leads the market as the benchmark for data management solutions. With nearly 3 decades dedicated exclusively to data management for the financial services industry, GoldenSource’s experience and packaged solutions assure a quick ROI for your immediate data project along with a strategic road map for future deployments across your enterprise.

EDM solutions for the buy side:

GoldenSource EDM solutions, proven implementation process and fanatical support assure a timely transition. We deliver the gold standard of data to major global financial clients.


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