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Fund Data Management

Managing the fund lifecycle devours resources - but it doesn't have to.

Manage fund data across departments with ease

Has your in-house system reached its limit? Still using emails and spreadsheets for your fund data management? Are you looking to streamline your fund launch lifecycle? You’re not alone. Many firms are still using antiquated data processes to manage their fund data, and it’s becoming too big to ignore; that’s why GoldenSource has developed the only fund data management solution you’ll ever need.

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The only fund data management system you need

GoldenSource Fund Data Management, powered by our product master module, addresses all of the typical problems facing investment managers when launching and maintaining funds:

Consolidate all fund data

A one touch, multi-edit, hierarchical representation of all of your portfolio, fund, share class, benchmark data – and so much more.

Onboarding and launching new funds

You get a centralized environment for everyone inputting critical data elements, reducing data duplication, as well as a framework to track those data elements and the processes around SLA’s.

Data distribution

That data can then be distributed seamlessly to all systems that need it, from reporting tools to your CRM (like SalesForce) and even your website. When interlinked with your withholdings, you can even run performance analytics.

Future dating

No more notes-to-self about inputting data. Whether you’re sunsetting a fund, updating the investment team, changing a benchmark weight, or updating a fee schedule, you can make the update ahead-of-time and the system handles the rest. You can identify and remedy issues beforehand (no more crunch) and even run analytics to include that data before its effective date.

ESG Enabled

With ESG and sustainability driving a great deal of current and evolving product-related regulation, such as Sustainable Finance Disclosure Reporting (SFDR), and heavily influencing fund launch and distribution processes, GoldenSource is ESG enabled, meaning it supports matching and mastering of ESG data across all product levels and workflows.

All of this is run from the cloud, freeing you from infrastructure costs, implementation headaches and integration concerns, through a customizable, easy to use, browser-based UI.

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