BCBS 239 Data Management

BCBS 239

BCBS 239 can feel daunting and unfinished. We’ve helped your peers and we can help you too.

BCBS 239: Risk data aggregation and reporting through automation

 For cleansing, enrichment, aggregation, and distribution of complete data sets for risk calculations, compliance, and reporting to meet BCBS 239 initiatives, GoldenSource Enterprise Data Management solutions have you covered.

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About BCBS 239

BCBS 239 is the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision‘s regulation number 239 that establishes the banking standard on risk data aggregation and reporting. Its principles are imposed upon both global and domestic systemically important banks to mandate their ability to aggregate risk exposures and identify concentration quickly and accurately at the bank group level, across business lines and between legal entities.

The regulation supporting the principles for effective risk data aggregation and reporting consists of 5 sections:

  • Governance & Infrastructure
  • Risk data aggregation capabilities
  • Risk reporting practices
  • Review, remediation and cooperation
  • Implementation

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Leverage GoldenSource to meet regulatory guidelines through automation

GoldenSource Enterprise Data Management solutions provide automation, workflow and storage for cleansing, aggregating and distributing complete data sets for risk calculations, compliance and reporting to meet regulatory initiatives.

It enables business users and data operations teams to create a consistent view of all products, instrument data, risk metrics, positions, transactions and counterparties.

A flexible approach enables firms to leverage their existing data management infrastructure and create new golden copies where needed. By aggregating gold copies across all data domains into the GoldenSource platform, firms can interact directly with all risk data to apply consistent governance and business rules for cleansing and mastering.

Rapid integration capabilities ensure that even the largest data sets reach business and reporting applications consistently, in the correct format, on time and with full data lineage. Optimization capabilities ensure firms source and supply data more efficiently to further reduce the cost of aggregating risk data.

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