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Security Master

Unleash the value of your reference data by upgrading your middle and back office capabilities.

Opt for ease, availability, consistency and visualization with security master

With the onslaught of regulation affecting the financial services industry, the quality and availability of reference data has never been more important. To remain competitive, firms must increase operational efficiency, meet regulatory requirements and take control of operational risk. The GoldenSource Security Master solution ensures clean reference data is always available, across all business domains, with full audit and data lineage traceability.

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The market leading financial security master

A security master, also known as a securities master, is an operational data store for the reference data about financial securities in all asset classes. A security master is used by financial markets participants to organize financial instrument data and make it available to downstream systems and data consumers in trading, risk, finance, and clearing and settlements.

GoldenSource Security Master: efficient data governance, consistent reference data

With GoldenSource you can master all your reference data on one, proven platform with complete visibility of all data and all data processes. From data requests, feeds, validations, exceptions and resolutions to publishing golden copy data sets, you have the control to deliver consistently accurate data, always on time.

The GoldenSource Security Master solution also puts into action your data governance policies. These will be set by your chief data officer, chief operations officer or chief data scientist. Additionally, by automating data quality with exception-based data management, GoldenSource helps you deliver valuable efficiency gains.

Also, best in class user empowerment means you can optimize data operations. Our investment in user empowerment has enabled non-technical business users to gain maximum benefit from the financial services industry’s most comprehensive enterprise data model.

Putting You in Control of Your Static Data

By going beyond reference data cleaning you are able to trace and audit data origin and data lineage. This is a fundamental element of many modern regulations.

Flexibly setting access, notifications, and controls helps you manage the persisted operational data store. This ensures the right static data is always available. For confidence among data consumers, you can control your data validation and changes through four-eye and six-eye approval processes across user and instrument types.

Benefit from superior visualization of static data and related securities master processes. Ensure securities of interest (SOI) and attributes of interest (AOI) are always available, visible, understood and ready for use.

ESG Enabled Securities Mastering

ESG research, reporting and investment analysis often require ESG data or scores to be related to a unique security. Being ESG/sustainability enabled ensures that matching and mastering of ESG data is a native process.

The GoldenSource Security Master solution is delivered on premise or OnDemand.

Deploy a Scalable, Proven, Real-time Security Mastering Architecture

You no longer have to be constrained by batch processing for intra-day processes. Have the ability to deliver trusted static data at the right time to the right system or data consumer with real-time gold copy processing. Support growth and efficiency by consolidating operations onto the only EDM platform that is trusted and proven to scale to high volume and handle all lines of business.

Reduce Ongoing Effort and Save Time with Vendor Reference Data Feeds via GoldenSource Connections

Make it easy to access and standardize content from multiple external reference data sources. GoldenSource maintains, as a service to you,  connections to leading financial data vendors. these include Bloomberg, Thomson Reuters, ICE Data Services, SIX Financial Information, and many more. With unmatched depth and service levels, standard connections to the GoldenSource Enterprise Data Management platform optimize time-to-market. They also prevent degradation over time. GoldenSource removes the burden of maintaining interfaces, which is often identified as the great hidden cost to data management.

Implement, Configure and Extend with Ease

Start with the rapid implementation of the GoldenSource Data Model,  the industry’s leading, market tested and proven data model. Adapt to future changes and new instruments without constraint. The GoldenSource Data Model is optimized to be extended for new data types.

The GoldenSource Enterprise Data Management platform interlinks data types and relevant data management and visualisation functionality. This means that maximum value can be gained through a centralized platform with commonly understood data. It removes the need for duplication, reconciliation and manual processes. Data types include reference/static data, corporate actions data, market/pricing data, positions and transactions data, risk data, customer/client data, entity data, product data and all proprietary and industry classification and identification schemes.

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