Market Data Module

Market Data Module

Market Data Module

Businesses today face growing requirements for enriching market data, transparency and lineage to meet compliance and reporting requirements. Banks must efficiently meet the challenges presented by increased trading volumes, complexities in pricing illiquid instruments and the scope of data required to fulfill regulatory obligations. The GoldenSource Market Data Module for pricing and valuation performs historical data, comparative analysis, and calculates standard deviations. This allows for better risk management, improved price discovery, and more efficient regulatory, client, and board level reporting.

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Market Data Module Icon 2Features of the Market Data Module:

  • Enhanced visualization, dashboards and reporting capabilities.
  • Flexible UI configuration with automatic display of risk.
  • Full lineage and audit capability.
  • Simple browsing and editing functions.
  • Create golden copies of cleansed market data for consistent modeling and distribution.
  • Operational cost reduction through data centralization, process automation and validation optimization.

GoldenSource has the expertise and resources to ensure that your Market Data Solution is configured to suit your business.

It is available on-site, hosted or as a cloud service.


  • Manage price breach and price exceptions
  • Automate validations
  • Validate points within a curve based on point to point tolerances or monotonicity
  • Define and automate rate collection and publishing schedules
  • Configure curves including points and dimensions and view and edit curves definitions
  • Use analytics and statistical modeling tools including curves and volatility surfaces
  • Use mathematics and FINCAD integration for enhanced analytics business