Corporate Actions Management

Leave it to us to gather and organize all your corporate actions messages for you.

Compile, validate and manage detailed, consistent data for precise global corporate actions management.

Corporate actions affect the market in an instant. Financial companies must precisely define, easily integrate and retrieve incoming data quickly. Accuracy, consistency and transparency is achieved by automating and centralizing data, reducing risk and improving efficiency with GoldenSource corporate actions management software.

Improve efficiency in your data

The power to make better decisions

Corporate actions, such as mergers and acquisitions, stock splits, dividends, rights issues, and spin offs are changes to the securities of a publicly listed business. They must be agreed by the board and announced through formal financial market channels, because they effect shareholders and bondholders and the value of their holdings.

Today, corporate actions data streams in from multiple sources instantly. Our clients need analysis that is fast, accurate and ready for internal distribution. An in-depth, automated workflow is a must to validate, compare, manage exceptions and create a scrubbed, consistent, enriched master data set.

GoldenSource Corporate Actions Management

The GoldenSource Corporate Actions Management solution builds specific modules onto an industrial strength core to customize your workflow. Our proven process configures your software in weeks, not months. Have confidence in your data and the ability to make faster, smarter decisions.

  • Supports all 74 corporate action types
  • GoldenSource supports and actively maintains connections to all major providers
  • Automatic merging of event updates from multiple suppliers
  • Fully supports SWIFT inbound and outbound ISO 15022/ISO 20022 processing, as well as custom custodian formats
  • Intuitive gold copy creation with Flexible Vendor Source Hierarchy functionality
  • Separate vendor-specific store of events for quality comparison
  • Ability to store raw inbound source messages for review and reconciliation
  • Ability to customize validations
  • Eliminates duplicates with end user configurable matching criteria by event type including suspect match identification
  • Link announcements (e.g. a reinvestment linked to a cash dividend)
  • Web-based flexible UI with intuitive, graphical dashboards, enabling more informed, proactive decisions


Preparing for a wave of Corporate Actions in a post-COVID market


Business Benefits

Reduced Costs

Reduce your technical overhead around data wrangling and processing, and automate its validation. Improve data integrity by automating and centralizing your data to reduce risk and improve efficiency. Focus on high risk items by monitoring the process from beginning to end (including voluntary and mandatory actions, interest and dividends, etc.)

Flexible and Scalable

Gives you the flexibility to set up and maintain a corporate action on an enterprise, sub-custodian, account group, or account level improving processing efficiency, and the ability to write custom validations out of the box. Supports over all 74 action types against all securities products such as Fixed Income, Equities, Futures, Options, and Warrants groups reducing the costs of maintaining multiple systems while supporting your business growth requirements.

Improved Client Service

Ability to automatically notify clients, calculate entitlements, and initiate the required business activities resulting in reduced manual processing. Significantly reduce operational losses and improve customer service through automated identification, investigation and tracking of claims.

Increased Operational Efficiency

Provides a high level of visibility to the processing steps within the workflow, reducing operational risk and automating manual processes.

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