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MiFID II: Markets in Financial Instruments Directive

Complete MiFID II data management, transparency, instrument and transaction reporting

Experience always up-to-date connections to regulatory data feeds from authoritative sources, APA and ARM services. The GoldenSource Enterprise Data Management platform is proven for MiFID II, including the latest ESMA specifications, LEI data fields and report specifications.

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Have confidence in your MiFID II capabilities.

MiFID II makes financial markets in the European Union more robust and transparent. It regulates trading on financial markets and also enhances investor protection. Comply through efficient instrument, transparency and transaction reporting. Confidently manage new reference data sources and identifiers. Run all the additional processes within the strict time constraints.

  • Overcome the window of uncertainty around the ESMA FIRDS file, to ensure accurate eligibility decisions
  • Identify reportable OTCs and originating ISINs. This includes managing new data workflows associated with ANNA DSB
  • Ensure correct prices in currencies, matching CFI codes, accurate identifier fields for clients, and minimal reconciliation
  • Manage instrument and entity details, such as LEIs. Satisfy the ‘no MiFID II LEI, no trade’ stipulation
  • Easily aggregate from granular trade and positions data, and be confident with trade categorizations for RTS 28 best execution venue reporting
  • Report through an Approved Reporting Mechanism (ARM), Approved Public Arrangement (APA) or Consolidated Tape Provider (CTP)

Manage regulatory reporting data through GoldenSource and also automatically submit to the Trax ARM or APA. Ensure efficiency and reporting accuracy. See more information about our integration with Trax.

Depend on GoldenSource Managed Connections for access to all the data feeds and LEIs.

The GoldenSource EDM platform is proven for MiFID II operations. For example, this means the latest ESMA specifications, LEI data fields and associated workflows are easily managed. GoldenSource has also extended it’s Managed Connections. These ensure that essential data provided by suppliers is brought into the business and used smoothly by all data consumers and systems.  GoldenSource ensures that you have real-time gold copy and historical data sets, which are defensible during regulatory reviews.

With GoldenSource you ensure that your RTS 1 and RTS 2 (transparency reporting), RTS 23 (instrument reporting) and RTS 22 (transaction reporting) are complete and accurate.

The GoldenSource data management platform is scalable. It manages the increased compliance and reporting obligations and also serves as the operational platform to meet the data management and  reporting requirements of other regulations. For example, the Securities Financing Transactions Regulation (SFTR) or Investment Company Reporting Modernization.


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