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ESG Data Management

Take truly informed action on your ESG data - wherever it comes from, whatever form it arrives in.

Create the best ESG outcomes by getting your ESG data management right - the first time

The need to make sense of so much varied and ‘similar yet not quite comparable’ ESG data, and then put it to work in your business, is ever more crucial.  With few established standards across ESG data types, yet growing regulatory and investor demand to use ESG facts meaningfully, it’s time to get help in getting the best from your ESG data.

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Your access point to the full depth and breadth of ESG data management

Through a large network of ESG data provider partners and content specialists, GoldenSource ESG Data Management, powered by our ESG Impact module, provides access to the full depth and breadth of ESG data coverage. GoldenSource Connections (inbound APIs) enable on-boarding of current and future structured and unstructured ESG content from data providers, so you can focus your efforts on the meaning held within the data.

Discover and compare the best ESG data from different sources

GoldenSource has gone one step further, by mapping and cross-referencing the materiality maps of each data provider, finally enabling you to confidently compare comparable data and avoid the pitfalls of mistakenly inferring meaning from similar-looking yet incompatible metrics.

Screen all your portfolios in one clean sweep

GoldenSource ESG Data Management enables portfolio screening, meaning that users can link and look from portfolios through instruments to issuing legal entities and to the related ESG content that’s available. This will become a key capability across the industry as ESG regulations and competitive ESG investment strategies evolve.

Be ready for SFDR, MiFID II sustainability preferences, EET, ESG and ESG data standards

Always be ready to deliver regulatory submissions and to adopt standards for ESG data and ESG data analytics with topic tagging to identify data attributes required for regulatory reports or that confirm to an ESG data standard.  Support for MiFID II sustainability preferences and the European ESG Template (EET) – simplifying the generation of the EET for a firm’s products and the selection of products that fit a specific EET preference – will be updated and extended as new requirements arise.

Primed for advanced ESG data analytics and ESG data science

ESG data science can be performed by all business users with the accessible, advanced analytics features. ESG data analytics will help you look at carbon emissions and physical risk under greenhouse gas (GHG) climate warming scenarios. Further ESG data analytics will allow your firm to assess whether, when and how an investee company is contributing to net zero. The new capability to aggregate this at a portfolio level will also help firms assess overall impact.

See the real data that underpins the scores and rankings

You can pull together scores, ratings and ranks from a broad range of sources and then drill down into the relevant underlying data points, thus generating insights most relevant to your line of business or investment strategy. You can also roll up the data for analysis at any level.

Easily find replacement investments when ESG metrics go the wrong way

Whether you’re checking conformity to a mandate or preparing to update your SFDR disclosures, you’ll find that some of your holdings have degraded with regards to their ESG metrics. We make it easy for you to find peer investments with the same credit rating and better ESG metrics.

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ESG Data Management, ESG Impact

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