Market Data Management Solutions

Curate the best market & time-series data for valuations, risk, analytics, modelling and research

Valuation and risk calculation integrity for less of your time

With so many teams relying on market and time-series data, you need the confidence to deliver quality data on time – every time. GoldenSource market data management solutions ensure your teams can deliver the best data and insight for your business for the least amount of your time.

Market Data Management Solutions - Cloud based integration & analytics

GoldenSource Market Data Management Solutions provide a centralized market data infrastructure that ensures data, valuation, and risk calculation integrity, regulatory consistency and ease, and optimization of market data costs. The solution empowers users to manage data directly through an efficient, user friendly UI, delivering confidence through clean, consistent, quality data to satisfy investor and regulatory obligations – for less of your time.

Why Goldensource Market Data Solutions

At a high level, fragmented market data infrastructure leads to myriad issues that cost time and money:

  • Redundant data
  • High market data costs
  • Valuation inconsistencies
  • Audit and regulatory issues
  • SOX issues

Without centralized market data, users are at risk to miss their SLA’s for end-of-day valuations and pricing, leading to operational and regulatory impact. GoldenSource Market Data Solutions help you ensure that doesn’t happen.

Our clients achieve greater accuracy in risk management and reporting. Across the capital markets, firms are using GoldenSource to scale to meet more frequent reporting requirements and higher trading volumes, launch new products and improve risk allocation.

Market Data Management Dashboard

Related Modules

Price Master

Market Data Icon

The complete solution for gold copy and multi-sourced pricing. Flexible rules for requesting, loading, validation and golden price creation of vendor and in-house price sources. Validations include stale price, day-over-day tolerance, cross-vendor, calendar, price type checks statistical checks and conditional rules. A centralized Suspect Handling UI supports review, correction, audit, and approval of pricing exceptions across multiple valuation dates. Includes built-in Vendor “Price Mappings” covering price feeds for all major vendors. Our “Price Master Solutions” includes modules for Pruval, Bond Proxy, Bid-Ask, IPV, Valuation Impact, NAV Impact functionality.

Curve Master


Utilizing GoldenSource’s unique underlying data model, the functionality includes visualizing, zoom and validation for both individual points on curves/surfaces as well as whole-curve validations (curve validity, smoothness, parallel shift checks). The module comes with in-built interpolation, bootstrapping capabilities. Our “Curve Definitions” module offers packages for best practice starter set curve/surface definitions, mapped to multi-sourced vendor identifiers + meta data and screens to manage all related curve reference data.

TimeSeries Master

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Time-Series Master is a tool for managing vendor and gold copy historical time-series data. It supports the loading, validation and gap-filling of historical time-series as well as adjustments to time-series for corporate actions. Validation methods include checks for missing prices, long and short stale price checks and various statistical methods (rolling Z-scores, EWMA) for confirming the quality time-series.

Quant Workbench

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Quant Workbench comes with three separate functions: 1) A Python-based IDE (“Integrated Development Environment”) which allows access to the underlying data via a Jupyter Notebook specifically designed to take advantage of GSOs, 2) QLI Frames: allows customers to import GoldenSource data frames into their own Python IDEs or Excel books for the purposes of risk or analytics development, 3) QLI Derivations/Validations: allows customers to integrate quant/statistical libraries into the market data validation process