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2023 data management year in review

GoldenSource® Introduces Comprehensive Data Management Solutions in AWS Marketplace for Financial Services Industry

GoldenSource has announced the launch of its comprehensive data management infrastructure solutions now available on AWS Marketplace, a curated digital catalogue that customers can use to find, buy, deploy, and manage third-party software, data, and services to build solutions and run their businesses. These solutions are specifically designed to support the evolving data needs of the financial services industry, catering to reference data, ESG and market data operational requirements.

This will enable asset managers, asset servicers, custodians, banks, and brokers to streamline their data management processes and accelerate their cloud transformation. GoldenSource offers fully managed SaaS solutions that enable financial institutions to instantly access and deliver quality data to power transactional systems, improve investment analytics and model driven AI, manage risk, and generate regulatory reports. Available directly in AWS Marketplace, customers can streamline the procurement and purchase of GoldenSource’s solutions via their AWS account.

Ensuring financial institutions can get the most out of their data is our top priority. As part of this, we are excited to grow our footprint with AWS, providing scalable solutions that cater to the needs of smaller scale asset managers through to global universal banks,” said John Eley, CEO of GoldenSource.

“With the sheer volume and breadth of data now required by firms of all sizes, we are uniquely positioned to address the complex data challenges faced by the financial services sector while leveraging the resilience, security and scale of AWS.”

Firms are already utilising the ability to access GoldenSource’s solutions on AWS. One example is Dragon Capital Group, one of the longest standing independent fund managers based in Vietnam, who have deployed the GoldenSource Data Warehouse in the AWS Cloud.

Commenting on the development, Beat Schuerch, CEO at Dragon Capital Group, said “The partnership between GoldenSource and AWS supports our objectives for leveraging analytics to gain insights and manage risks in support of our investment strategies, while managing around $5 billion in assets as a fund manager in Vietnam. The GoldenSource and AWS combination gives us a slick cloud platform that is not just cost-effective but also very flexible and industrial strength. This is crucial for us to scale up as we expand.”

Key features of GoldenSource’s data management solutions include:

  • Security Mastering: Comprehensive master data for listed and private securities and their issuers sourced from major financial services data vendors.
  • Corporate Actions Mastering: Accurate matching of corporate actions for all equity and fixed-income action types across multiple sources, enhancing operational efficiency and reducing processing liabilities.
  • Entity Mastering: Purpose-built master data for legal entities, including corporate hierarchies, identifiers, credit ratings, and more, enabling efficient management of customer and counterparty data.
  • Product Mastering: Asset managers, banks, and brokers can master their products, creating a firm-wide taxonomy and cross-referencing products to regulatory obligations.
  • Price and Rates Mastering: Rule-based multi-vendor pricing and valuation solution for securities and derivatives, optimizing pricing policies and centralizing pricing for NAV calculations and portfolio valuations.
  • ESG Curation & Standardization: Standardized ESG data and scores supporting comparison, trend analysis, and analytics for research, regulatory reporting, and portfolio analytics.
  • Data Warehousing: Purpose-built financial services data model for cloud data warehouse/lake house use cases, accelerating implementation of investment data operations and data warehousing for various financial institutions.

Please see here for more information on GoldenSource’s solutions in AWS Marketplace.

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