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GoldenSource partners with Snowflake to launch transformative data management app for investment managers

NEW YORK, LONDON, June 4, 2024 – GoldenSource, the leading independent provider of cloud data management solutions, and Snowflake, the AI Data Cloud Company, announce today the launch of GoldenSource Omni, a native application for institutional investment managers to streamline financial reference data integration.

 GoldenSource Omni accelerates the process of onboarding financial reference data into the GoldenSource data model that supports analytics and reporting on Snowflake’s Data Cloud. As the data model is available directly on the Snowflake platform, dispersed datasets are automatically mapped together and delivered in a digestible format. Market participants can analyze the data more effectively and accelerate the application of generative AI, including training AI and Machine Learning models to work on top of the datasets. This addresses some of the common challenges faced by investment managers, with the GoldenSource Omni able to analyse portfolio holdings and exposures in a timely manner, drill into specific attributes of a portfolio, such as ESG exposure, and automate attribution reporting.

This provides firms with an out-of-the-box solution that combines operational and analytical investment data into a unified data model. On top of this, users can view datasets including securities, prices, listed and private portfolios, transactions and ESG data within one single, easy-to-understand format on the Snowflake platform. Firms will benefit from greater operational efficiency and cost reduction, allowing asset managers to allocate resources more strategically.

Jeremy Katzeff, CFA, Head of Buyside Solutions at GoldenSource, commented: “Historically, buyside participants have struggled with the management of disparate datasets. This was exacerbated by the absence of a comprehensive data model. However, with the launch of GoldenSource Omni, datasets for different asset classes and functions can now be integrated and analyzed within a modern cloud-native environment in one place. Now, firms can replace outdated legacy systems with centralized, cloud-based enterprise data management that is far more efficient and cost effective enabling them to meet the challenges of today.”

Rinesh Patel, Global Head of Industry, Financial Services at Snowflake, added: “Together, Snowflake and GoldenSource are enhancing the value offered to firms operating in the financial services sector. GoldenSource is an ideal partner for us with their deep market experience and unique data model that links data across domains, providing a more efficient way for joint customers to run analytics, derive insights and train AI models within the Snowflake platform.”

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