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Roadmapping on the Road

This week, my colleagues and I will be in Australia to meet with current and future clients about GoldenSource’s latest technology roadmap.

Our roadmapping really couldn’t happen without the valuable input our clients provide.

We take an organic approach. We meet with clients regularly – either one-on-one, in small focus groups or in our regional client advisory groups – to see how our products are being used, what’s working, what needs fixing, and what needs to be enhanced. At the same time, to ensure we’re responding to current market needs, we regularly speak to market participants to understand trends, and use rapid prototyping concepts to road test new ideas.

As we get closer to Australia, we’re expecting our conversations to cover at least four key areas:

1. Modernization – looking at how we can make things easier, how we can speed up implementations, standardizing how things are done, and ensuring we are taking advantage of the most modern technology stack possible.

2. The cloud data warehouse – continuing our ongoing initiative to enable clients to fuse multiple data sets across domains into one accessible data model, via our data pipelines and data model toolkit.

3. Market and risk solutions – looking further into how our solutions can meet regulatory, market and client demands to have transparency in pricing and valuations across multiple asset types.

4. AI/ML – discussing our research and development into optimizing a knowledge center through AI and ML technologies such as natural language interrogation, data mapping automation and entity resolution matching.

I always look forward to these conversations because we always come away with unique insights and perspectives that help us to further enhance the GoldenSource offering – and often in ways that we hadn’t considered.

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