Corporate Actions Module

Corporate Action Module

Acquire, validate and store detailed descriptive data about every type of global Corporate Action

A stock split, merger, acquisition or stock trade can immediately affect decision-making for global financial companies. The cost of a decision made on poor data quality can cost millions. Institutions must have a way to assure data integrity, reduce risk and improve efficiency through automation and centralizing global corporate actions. The GoldenSource Corporate Action Module integrates with our core EDM application to enhance functionality.

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Corporate-Actions Module-IconUtilized by many global financial institutions to meet their individual requirements, our Corporate Action Module supports:

  • ALL corporate action types
  • Automatic merging of event updates from multiple suppliers
  • SWIFT outbound processing
  • Flexible Vendor Source Hierarchy functionality for intuitive gold copy creation
  • Separate vendor-specific events storage for quality comparison
  • Store raw inbound source messages for review and reconciliation
  • End user configurable matching criteria by event type, including suspect match identification, which eliminates duplicates
  • Ability to link announcements (e.g. a reinvestment linked to a cash dividend)
  • Web-based flexible UI with intuitive, visual dashboards, enabling more informed, proactive decisions

Our Corporate Action Module integrates with these solutions:

Business operation benefits

Reduce Costs

Improves data integrity by automating and centralizing global corporate actions data to reduce risk and improve efficiency. Focus on high risk items by monitoring the entire process from beginning to end (including voluntary and mandatory actions, interest and dividends, etc.)

Flexible and Scalable

We give you the flexibility to set up and maintain a corporate action on an enterprise, sub-custodian, account group, or account level improving processing efficiency. Supports over 80 action types against all securities products such as Fixed Income, Equities, Futures, Options, and Warrants groups. You will reduce the costs of maintaining multiple systems while supporting your business growth requirements.

Improved Client Service

You will have the ability to automatically notify clients of corporate actions, calculate entitlements and initiate the required business activities resulting in reduced manual processing. Significantly reduce operational losses and improve customer service through automated identification, investigation and tracking of claims.

Increased Operational Efficiency

Provides a high level of visibility to the processing steps within the workflow, reducing operational risk and automating manual processes.