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GoldenSource Develops a New Integration with Third-Party Cloud Service Providers

GoldenSource is proud to announce that we are developing a new integration with leading industry third-party cloud service providers. In this article, we will outline the fundamentals of what the solution does, who it helps, and how it helps them.

What is the integration with third-party cloud service providers?

Starting with a partnership with Snowflake, we are releasing our industry standard data model as a packaged, easily deployable solution that provides you with the necessary infrastructure to make your cloud data warehouse workable as soon as your data is brought in. The integration will provide pre-configured and managed pipelines, data governance and schema management to accelerate your time-to-value when using the Snowflake Open Data Model for Financial Services.

What does it do?

Market data providers continue to make their offerings available on third-party cloud service providers like Snowflake, providing incredible value to data consumers by allowing them to consume content directly, without downloading and uploading separate files. While this instant on functionality is highly valuable as it lowers time to market as well as maintenance overhead, these data sets still need to be mapped and matched before they are stored in the warehouse – which is where GoldenSource comes in.

The GoldenSource platform takes the reference, custodial, fund administration, fundamental, and ESG data being fed from the market data provider to the warehouse and transforms it from its original, raw format to a format that is fit for purpose and usable. We can take in raw files from both a marketplace such as Snowflake’s Data Marketplace or from sources outside of the cloud provider’s ecosystem such as custodial providers, and other books of records platforms.

Who does it help?

Every day our industry becomes more data driven and quantitative. Having a robust data management platform allows everyone within an organization to meet the goal of improving client’s investment outcomes. We built this for the COO’s, CDO’s, and CTO’s, the heads of data, operations, data strategists, and the technologists who are tired of disparate solutions that are difficult to implement and more difficult to maintain.

Many organizations have been priced out of the market for robust enterprise systems. These organizations along with those who can afford robust platforms end up solving their data problems in one of two ways, both of which require a large investment in time and resources: assembling various point solutions to create their own end-to-end platform or by building a proprietary platform. The results of these undertakings however often have the same outcome, a solution that delivered incomplete, obsolete, or has created more silos and data repetition. The GoldenSource platform provides for a much more efficient alternative to propping up one or more of these systems for your static reference data.

How does it help them?

The GoldenSource platform provides teams a fast, cost-effective way to meet client and regulatory needs by creating curated and managed pipelines of high-quality data so you don’t have to. Building a system from scratch could take years, whether you’re building it in the cloud or on premise, but with this integration it takes just a few weeks and then can be instantly used whenever you need it  – and with GoldenSource’s lauded service and support, you’ll never be on your own.

How can learn more about this integration with third-party cloud service providers?

Click here to find out how you can start solving your data warehousing problems quickly, easily, and cheaply with GoldenSource.

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