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Large organisations commonly recognise the need to effectively manage their client data not as a strategic imperative, but rather as a function of projects that are conceived to solve a specific challenge. These projects will typically be based on one of a number of disparate drivers including CRM initiatives to identify new sales opportunities and drive revenue growth, regulatory imperatives such as the global banking reforms, technology drivers (e.g. system obsolescence), organisational restructuring or internal process-optimisation targets.


The industry’s drive to understand and reduce systemic risk has created fresh challenges around instrument and entity data that put technology under a whole new light. However, in a post-2008 crisis landscape dominated by regulatory reform, compliance is only part of the issue. If firms can address how they manage multiple data sets and deploy a truly enterprise-wide model, they can capitalise on the real opportunity – achieving a competitive advantage. This paper discusses how, by combining instruments and entities on a single platform, firms are able to benefit from reduced operational risk, more efficient client service and on-boarding and greater business agility.


Institutions now recognize the importance of good data management practices in order to improve their risk practices, and more than ever before they are prepared to do something about it. This paper explores why so many institutions are now focusing on data as it relates to risk, and what has changed.


This paper describes the current difficulty in automating the processing of complex instruments and presents an overview of how the interconnected data delivered by Enterprise Data Management can be used to deliver increased automation and mitigate the not inconsiderable risks of exposure to unclear risks, such as counterparty exposure. 


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