Prashant Kumar

Senior Vice President, Global Head of Sales

Prashant’s intellectual curiosity drives him to uncover unlikely solutions for our clients and partners.

Prashant Kumar is Senior Vice President, Global Head of Sales at GoldenSource. In this role, he has oversight of the company’s strategic new client acquisition. He also plays a key role in defining GoldenSource’s corporate and product strategies.


Prashant joined GoldenSource in 2014 and brings to the firm a combination of sales, technical and product management experience.


Prior to GoldenSource, Prashant was Senior Director at Pivot Inc., the leading developer of Instant Messaging software for trading professionals. Prior to Pivot’s acquisition by the CME Group in July 2012, Prashant was Head of the Product Management team. Subsequent to Pivot’s successful take-over by the CME Group, Prashant was made responsible for global Corporate Strategy, Sales and Account Management.

Prashant started his career as a programmer at CMC Ltd., where he developed matching engines and settlement systems for various domestic exchanges in South East Asia. He then spent over a decade at Goldman Sachs, New York, where he assumed various senior technology roles in the Investment Research Franchise. Prashant went on to be a founding member of Perpetually Inc., a commercial web archiving engine that was acquired by Smarsh Inc. in 2012.