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GoldenSource wins again!

This week, I’m excited to share the news that GoldenSource’s ESG Impact Plus won ‘Best Data Governance Framework Solution for ESG’ in A-Team Group’s ESG Insight Awards 2024.

The core of ESG, Sustainable Finance and Sustainable Investing is really a data management challenge – and that’s where ESG Impact Plus comes in.

ESG Impact Plus is particularly well suited for data governance because it’s built on a financial data management platform that’s best-in-class. Here’s why:

  1. It enables mastering of all data domains in their full depth and breadth alongside classic financial data domains.
  2. It harmonizes ESG data sources by modelling their respective methodologies, then performing effective validations, calculations and proxying on top of proprietary data.
  3. It enables bitemporal storage of data together with a full audit trail to support as-of views (i.e. the value of Data Point X on Day Y; and even: as it was known on Day Z ).
  4. It enables quantitative and qualitative in-house data to be used in conjunction and harmonized with any external sources.
  5. It helps standardize, link, vet and enrich ESG data – fundamental prerequisites that make delivery into any cloud data warehouse practical (not to mention real-life usable).

GoldenSource is now focusing on expanding each of these functionalities to further empower our customer to work with ESG and Sustainability content just as they do with any other data domain. Next week, I’ll dive into more ways to gain greater insights to build resilient ESG portfolios for your clients.



GoldenSource won the ESG Insight Award 2024 for Best Data Governance Framework Solution for ESG.

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