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Our 2024 Snowflake Summit ESG Session

Last week that my GoldenSource colleague Sarfaraz Makani co-hosted a session with our good friends at Fosfor during Snowflake’s Data Cloud Summit 2024. The topic: building an ESG-compliant portfolio using key sustainability KPIs.

They talked about how the challenges Asset Managers face in using multiple ESG data sources can be offset by employing Fosfor’s AI and ML technologies on Snowflake using OMNI, GoldenSource’s Snowflake native app.

Using these technologies together is the easiest and most efficient way for Asset Managers to collate essential ESG data such as a company’s annual revenue and growth potential, greenhouse gas emission history and potential physical risk by climate change, as well as perform sector-specific benchmark analyses using aggregate metrics.

But it’s not just asset and wealth managers that can benefit from leveraging these technologies. Brokers and Capital Market Service Providers can also benefit from access to clean, current ESG data that enables their clients to make informed investment decisions.

As markets continue to accelerate and become more competitive, the name of the game is simplification. With the ability to dig more deeply into immense amounts of relevant data quickly and accurately, it becomes a lot easier to meet ESG investment goals with greater confidence.

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