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When errors become problems and problems lose business, what can you do?

Financial firms are challenged with the ability to utilize data that is constantly changing and becoming obsolete. It is difficult to compare data, automate processes, and exchange data between systems.

Having the right Master Data Management software in place makes it possible to integrate multiple sources of data, reduce redundancy, and produce a golden copy of the data on which you can rely for accuracy, consistency and transparency.

What GoldenSource can do for youmaster data management

GoldenSource Master Data Management enriches, fixes, de-duplicates and curates data automatically, delivering the gold standard of data — fast, accurate and ready. Changes to the data will update among all dependent systems and processes without any additional input by you. This gives all data owners and users a clear picture of the information, quality assurance and governance for better decision making and faithful reporting.

Proven globally, our Master Data Management solutions are deployed worldwide by leading banks, investment managers and financial service providers to unlock the value of their data and gain an edge over their competition. We address our clients’ tactical business priorities in a strategic manner, ensuring rapid ROI and lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

Our process for implementing and configuring our MDM software gets our clients up and running in weeks, not months, and our fanatical experts are there to support the entire process.

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