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Aussie Rules

Over half of GoldenSource is focused on R&D to create additional value for our clients year over year.

Our clients participate in this process in many ways – the most significant being our Client Advisory Group program, which is held twice yearly in multiple cities across the globe.

We just convened one of those advisory sessions last week in Sydney, Australia.

In addition to the importance of capturing our client’s inputs, our clients in the region also benefited from the opportunity to hear from each other directly as mutual participants in the GoldenSource community.

Key areas of interest:

Entity data management, corporate actions, and the current state of managed services and shared service utilities to achieve operational efficiency.

Each of those themes had a uniquely Aussie flavor.

In particular, the challenges of asset class diversification in that marketplace, where currently a large proportion of their sizable pension fund assets are directly correlated with equities. Upgrading service provider and financial institution infrastructure so that it can correctly value, trade, settle, and report complex fixed income and derivatives instruments has received not only financial industry notability but has also surfaced as a matter of concern to the general public, who have keen interest in the performance of their pension funds. Accomplishing this requires correctly modeled, complete data. If data management issues are a household concern, then now is the time to act.

Special thanks go out to our gracious hosts the Australian Securities Exchange and also to Interactive Data, ANZ, Westpac, Excelian and Datacom Investments, who participated with us in a very well attended and thought-provoking industry symposium on data management the same week.

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