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GoldenSource Creates 50 New Positions in New Mumbai Office to Manage Growth

GoldenSource announced that it is creating 50 new positions in its Mumbai office to deliver on its expanding software product portfolio and to support more clients using its extended range of managed services.

With GoldenSource simultaneously extending its data management capabilities, advancing its technology base, adding new managed services and solving for new business challenges among its growing client base, the additional roles range across the business from development to support and client facing roles. Having had a record year in 2020 by all performance metrics, John H. Eley, CEO, and the GoldenSource management team have confirmed that the company’s growth strategy will continue apace and the 50 new positions are confirmed.

John H. Eley, CEO, GoldenSource commented: “Last year our growth strategy delivered a record year by every measure. Looking forward, we have a continued commitment to being responsive to the business goals of our clients, plus our development schedule to stay ahead of the industry on capabilities for ESG, data visualisation, market and risk data, machine learning, artificial intelligence, and managed service offerings. To achieve this we’re creating a significant number of new roles. It’s exciting to be in such a growth phase and I look forward to welcoming new team members over the coming months.”

Ritesh Advani, VP Human Resources for GoldenSource India, added: “This step-change in staff numbers was foreseen when we moved to our new offices in the Raiaskaran Technology Park last year. With these new facilities and having a staff attrition rate significantly below average, we’re well positioned to recruit staff who are looking to grow their career over the coming years in an innovative, financially strong global software firm.

“While we continue to focus on emerging technologies like cloud, big data, predictive analytics, machine learning and AI, we are also strengthening our practices in Java, application support, business analysis, and other automation areas.”

With GoldenSource also having organized COVID vaccines for its Mumbai staff and their immediate families, a controlled, voluntary return to office-based work is already underway.

For details of available roles, please visit our LinkedIn career site.

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