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GoldenSource ESG Impact Integrates with ICE

GoldenSource has announced that ICE’s ESG Reference Data service will now be integrated with GoldenSource ESG Impact, which provides ESG data for buyside and sellside investors. ICE’s ESG Reference Data offers detailed ESG information and analytics that can be essential for investment decisions, risk management, regulatory reporting, and meeting stated goals in sustainability.

With SFDR principal adverse impact (PAI) indicators being key for entity- and product-level reporting on website disclosures and as part of pre-contractual information, ICE’s data integrated with GoldenSource’s calculation functionality can provide investment managers with speedy access to critical ESG metrics. With RepRisk’s ESG risk data and BofA’s ESGMeter™ scores included as part of ICE’s offering, firms signing up to ICE ESG Reference Data on GoldenSource will be able to draw on a rich source of ESG insights for use across their business.

Seamless integration with data from ICE’s Business Entity Service, integrated into GoldenSource ESG Impact via Connections to the GoldenSource EDM platform, will help ensure that when ESG data is lacking for the investee company itself, one can look to backfill it from companies in the same entity hierarchy. Until disclosing firms mature the capture, measurement and presentation of ESG data, such mapping can be invaluable.

Anthony Belcher, Head of Sustainable Finance at ICE Data Services, said: “Detailed and highly-curated ESG content is becoming an ever more critical data type for financial services firms throughout their investment decision-making process, as well as for satisfying reporting and disclosure requirements. We are pleased to work with an established provider like GoldenSource, who have a track record of enabling high-value data for the institutional investment community,”

Volker Lainer, Head of Connections & Regulatory Affairs at GoldenSource, said: “ICE ESG Reference Data contributes a key dataset to service the multitude of ESG-related tasks and decisions that investment firms are facing.  Its breadth and depth of coverage provides insight and comparative information on a broad range of companies. We are pleased to be able to provide our GoldenSource ESG Impact clients with fuss-free access to this important resource when they sign up for this service.”

ICE’s ESG Reference Data service is part of Intercontinental Exchange (NYSE: ICE), a leading global provider of data, technology, and market infrastructure.

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