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GoldenSource Launches New Real-Time Investment Book of Record

We have announced today the launch of the GoldenSource IBOR, a real time investment book of record, powered by MAIA.

The new functionality builds on the GoldenSource Nexus platform and adds to its business use cases, including data warehousing offering of point-in-time analytics, and client, account, and product data management. Clients can now go well beyond the standard whole-of-fund views by updating prices, transactions, and positions intra-day, allowing clients to gain a real-time view of what they own and where they own it.

This benefits the organization, which ultimately leads to better investment outcomes for investors. Portfolio Managers, Asset Allocators, and Risk Managers can make more informed and impactful decisions through the ability to see updated asset allocations and exposures without the time lag that has persisted up to now. This is especially beneficial for those funds with investment assets in multiple geographic regions, providing a real-time view for their global portfolios across time zones and the international date line, which up to now has not been possible.

Removing the batch process brings new operational efficiencies to the back office, which ultimately reduces the time and resources dedicated to a longstanding arduous process.

The partnership to create the GoldenSource IBOR came out of a need for a close to real-time or event-based investment book of record that can update valuations as transactions and prices are published, regardless of the source or time of day, with updated positions and valuations data as transactions are executed throughout the day. Built on the high-capacity IBOR technology of MAIA Technology, both firms were able to make this a reality.

Commenting on the new GoldenSource capability, Jeremy Katzeff, CFA, Head of Buy-side Solutions at GoldenSource said: “From conversations with clients and prospects, the need for a real-time IBOR was clear. With the powerful technology infrastructure of MAIA Technology, we have created a capability that processes significant volumes of transaction data as and when our clients need it, by building on the existing framework capabilities and strength of our Nexus offering.

Mark Veevers, CEO at MAIA Technology added: “We feel that MAIA’s cloud native technology complements the breadth of data-related investment expertise that’s baked into the GoldenSource platform. The combination adds a responsive intra-day IBOR that will automatically link positions data to all other investment data for GoldenSource customers.”

The new IBOR functionality is available for clients of GoldenSource. More information is available on the Nexus webpage.

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