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GoldenSource Further Advances Investment Managers’ Operational and ESG Efficiencies with FactSet Integration

GoldenSource today announced that it has integrated FactSet content into their GoldenSource ESG Impact product and will be listed on the Open:FactSet Marketplace, the platform for premier data applications and workflow solutions tailored for investment professionals.

Integrating FactSet content, including Truvalue Labs ESG data, not only eases current daily operations for investment managers, it also puts them in the best position to thrive under evolving ESG requirements and regulations such as the EU’s Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation (SFDR).

GoldenSource ESG Impact is uniquely positioned to handle interlinked reference data, as well as fundamental and ESG data, helping to solve the complexities of ESG-related portfolio management and reporting with granular content depth and data governance in a single application. This application can also complement FactSet’s comprehensive symbology offering, which links data sets such as Company Fundamentals and ESG, saving clients time and resources. For example, if a portfolio manager needs to replace an investee in their portfolio because its ESG scores are too low, they can now easily identify another company that has appropriate ESG metrics AND the underlying financial fundamentals that justify an investment. Previously, this match-making process was a significant challenge.

Todd Hartmann, Senior Director, Product Management, at FactSet, said: “We are very pleased to be working with GoldenSource to expand access to our data.  GoldenSource’s presence on the Open:FactSet Marketplace also gives investment professionals the opportunity to take advantage of a centralized data tool for a whole portfolio view when undertaking ESG data analytics and reporting.”

Volker Lainer, Head of Connections & Regulatory Affairs at GoldenSource, said: “Integrating FactSet data with the proven investment management and data quality workflows in GoldenSource will further advance the operational and ESG efficiencies that firms are seeking in order to take advantage of market opportunities and rise to the demands for discipline in sustainable investing. We look forward to accelerating our shared clients on their journey towards excellence in data ROI.”

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