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GoldenSource Introduces Version 8.8 of our Data Management Platform

GoldenSource introduces version 8.8 of GoldenSource EDM providing faster value from data, greater automation through AI and ML, a mobile user experience and the option to run it on a PostgreSQL open source database.

With cloud becoming increasingly important, 8.8 is cloud native and agnostic, adapting to the user’s preferences with the ability to interact with their preferred provider, including AWS, Azure and GCP. GoldenSource now also supports PostgreSQL as an alternative database to Oracle, with PostgreSQL easily deployed on and off-premise, adding to the flexibility. With its out-of-the-box set-up, 8.8 reduces time and implementation cost and ensures faster time to value for users.

Building on 8.7, new data visualization and user interface features have been added to further enhance the user experience.  Most notable is the new GoldenSource Assistant chatbot, into which users can type natural language commands to interactively navigate and invoke functions, meta data or documentation on core applications, rapidly accelerating adoption by new users.

John H. Eley, CEO, GoldenSource commented: “GoldenSource is committed to helping clients achieve their business goals, and version 8.8 is a testament to this commitment. Through the enhancements we have made, users will be able to extract more value from data faster and, with the increased choice of cloud connectivity and databases, at a lower total cost. Good data makes good decisions and in today’s fast-paced landscape making good decisions quickly has never been more important.”

In addition to new, bulk exception management capabilities across the platform, further advances in market data management in 8.8 are delivered through a number of user-focused enhancements. Time series management for sell side and buy side workflows in GoldenSource Time-Series Master can now be run by users entirely through the UI. Both GoldenSource Curve Master and GoldenSource Price Master also have an enriched market data user experience, with Curve Master delivered with an in-built bootstrapping function and best practice curves for faster time to market for new users. GoldenSource Quant Workbench makes it possible to have access to the industry’s most complete data set for risk and analytics. Not only does it integrate GoldenSource Time-Series Master with open source Python libraries, it also integrates with hundreds of data attributes from GoldenSource Security Master and comes with a starter set of quantitative functions.

To accelerate return on investment of data management projects, 8.8 provides benefits to both the buy and sell-side, with multiple preconfigured, standardized use cases and workflows for entity, product, and securities mastering.

GoldenSource also provides a framework for integrating artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) to enable greater automation. 8.8 currently utilizes AI and ML for scrubbing fixed rate and coupon rate data, with more configurations planned to facilitate greater automation in data scrubbing and exception management.

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